Mourning Clothing Customs

An informative five minute video about mourning observances in the Victorian era.

The mourning of Queen Victoria and preparation for burial practices.  Part II may be access to the right side of the video.  Running time for both, 1bout 17 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Mourning Clothing Customs

  1. In Sense and Sensibility, the British version the daughters followed the horse drawn carriage of their dead father carring brown baskets with black ribbon. i believe the baskets carried rosemary. Does anyone know about this custom?

  2. Rosemary, the herb, is for Remembrance in the language of flowers. The black ribbon is of course for grieving, in keeping with the custom of wearing black or in the case of men, black hatbands or arm bands. The procession behind the casket is very British. Young girls dressed in white would process behind the casket of an unmarried lady or maiden. In New Orleans, even today, following the casket in procession still goes on, often accompanied by a jazz band.

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