Old North and Saint Patrick’s


The Old North Burial Ground at 1360 North Main Street across from St. John’s Roman Catholic Church was established in 1810.  When Oak Grove was opened in 1855, many of the families of the city’s notable families opted to purchase lots in the new cemetery and had North Burial Ground coffins exhumed and relocated there.  The cemetery has some old-style tablet stones as well as some beautiful figural statues.  The Egyptian Revival style holding tomb is just inside the main gate near the abandoned office building.

Oak Grove houses the records for the Old North.

Saint Patrick’s  at  2233 Robeson St. in the north end of the city is a large, well-kept cemetery of one-way avenues lined with trees and some amazing nineteenth century carved statues and markers.  The office is found just inside the front entry on Robeson St. and the front view is dominated by a large scene of the Crucifixion with Christ, Mary at the foot of the Cross and the Beloved Disciple, Saint John.  There is a very fine Pieta of the Mater Dolorosa holding Christ taken down from the Cross.  Saint Patrick’s office houses the records also for St. John’s Cemetery (Brightman Avenue).




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